Sales Tips, through a story of chili pepper seller

Sales Tips, through a story of chili pepper seller 10/1/2018

"Chili pepper sellers are often questioned like “are your chilies hot? With this question, how to answer. If say yes, the ones who are afraid of heat will leave shortly; but if say no, while customers like heat, this is also risky.


One day, I have nothing to do, I stand by a tricycle of a chili seller, and see how she solves this problem. When there was no buyer then, I, pretend being smart telling her:

You should device these chilies into two parts, if anyone likes hot chilies, they will choose this part, and if not, show them the other one”. The chili seller smiled at me, gently said “No need!”

While we were talking, one came to buy, and it was so miraculous, how did she say? Let’s wait…

Indeed, it was that question: Are your chilies hot?”

The chili seller decisively told the customer: “the dark red color is hot, light is not!”. The buyer thought true, choosing and paying, leaving with satisfaction.

Soon the number of light red color left is not much.

Again another one came, the same question: “Are your chilies hot?”

Taking a glance at her chilies, said she…

 “The long is hot, the short is not!”

Surprisingly, the buyer chose in according to her category criteria.

As a result, soon long chilies were sold out.

Looking at the short and dark chilies left, I thought:

Let’s see how you say this time?”

However, when the other buyer asked: “Chilies are hot?”

With confidence she said: The hard is hot, the soft is not!”

I felt admired, having exposed to the sunlight whole day, actually there were many chilies, due to the loss of water inside, became softened. Having sold out her chilies, the seller, before leaving, said to me that: your way, everyone knows. My way, only I know.

That’s great!

Actually, have you ever thought that what you sell is not goods or services, but:

1. To the new customers, what you sell is the politeness.

2. To the regular, what you sell is the enthusiasm.

3. To the hot-tempered, what you sell is the efficiency.

4. To the self-important, what you sell is the patience.

5. To the well-to-do, what you sell is the veneration.

6. To the poor, what you sell is the practical usefulness.

7. To the up-to-date, what you sell is the opulence.

8. To the professional, what you sell is the professionalism.

9. To the generous customer, what you sell is the liberality.

10. To the mean, what you sell is the interest.

11. To the customer of enjoyment, what you sell is the serving.

12. To the one preferring empty honor, what you sell is the honor.

13. To the faultfinder, what you sell is the subtlety.

14. To the good-natured, what you sell is the sincerity.

15. To the indecisive, what you sell is the warranty.

If you want to sell your product, you often tell your clients how good it is, or how different from the others, how cheap it is. If all sellers choose this way, you will find you must face a lot of difficulties

How you sell your goods, usually, is as important as what you sell”.

Right from the beginning, do not hasten to sell, at first, clarify the matter, listen to understand what are hidden inside the customer, so the selling is much easier.


How about you, if you are a chili seller, how you answer when the buyer questions if chili is hot?







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