Workshop in Bee Hai Phong

Workshop in Bee Hai Phong 4/2/2018

In the effort to accompany with enterprises in seeking for optimal solutions in favor of customer, sharing knowledge and bringing the like-minded logistics, import and export professionals, on 24th March 2018, a workshop titled “Risk Management in Customs Declaration and Cargo Handling Process in International Transport” took place successfully by initiative of Bee Logistics Corporation – Hai Phong Branch, with targeted participants diversifying from trading companies and factories in industrial and export processing zones. 

The event is the chance for Bee Logistics to introduce and promote our total integrated logistical solutions to potential customers, and the playground for those with concern to exchange their knowledge, to share their experience and troubles they are headache with. Also it is for Bee Logistics to consult on what solutions we have given, during our 15 years of doing logistical business, to our existing customers.

The workshop came to close with little gifts from Bee Logistics to our valued customers. After the workshop, we are encouraged by positive comments from customer for the well-prepared, professional and considerate event organization. Bee Logistics Corporation are very thankful to you for spending your valuable time coming with us and such strong support will motive us to continue this model in the future.
Here are some images of the workshop:


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