Combined land-air cross border transport 9/28/2021 10:02:26 AM

Amid Covid-19 outbreak causing Chinese airport’s “worst-ever” cargo backlog, Bee Logistics alleviate our customer’s suffering on load unavailability, increased cost and delayed procedures by our regular cross border solutions combined with air consol charter initiatives.

On 21 May 2020, we delivered continuous PPE products from Xiamen, China via cross border trucking to Noi Bai Airport then exported to London. This creative alternate, in combination with our frequent air consol charter flights, allows to smoothly move time-sensitive PPE shipments to the UK, to save lives in this crazy situation.

As Vietnam is the front gate to Indochina, Bee Logistics come up with viable and tailored initiatives in addition to traditional modes of transport. Notably, we provide regional cross border services for:

  • Vietnam – China: via inland trucking or railway – then possibly to EU
  • Vietnam – Laos: via inland trucking
  • Vietnam – Cambodia: via Mekong River by barge or inland trucking
  • Vietnam –Thailand: inland trucking via Cambodia
  • Combined services: land-air, land-sea; land-railway…
  • Fleet: FTL/LTL

With our solutions, your supply chain management is benefited with:

  • Cheaper than air;
  • Faster than sea;
  • Easier traceability;
  • More regular departures;
  • Smooth customs clearance – we have decades of experience in customs clearance for cargo in transit and transshipment at main gates: Friendship Pass; Laobao; Moc Bai, Mong Cai, …
  • Optional for both direct cross border or trans-load; we are fully licensed;

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